Game Pack DVD-ROMs are no more!

Last night I packaged up and posted the very last 20 Game Mega Pack DVD-ROM!  Since creating the first game back in 2010, technology has changed so much - touch screen technology is now much more common & affordable (both in desktop/laptop computers and in tablets such as iPads and Android devices) and with that has come a greater amount of software and games that are appropriate for those with special educational needs.

Add to that the fact that Adobe Flash (the technology I used to create the games) is being phased out by most browsers, and the fact that many computers aren't built with DVD drives anymore, it seems the time has definitely come to wind down the game packs!

I'm aiming to keep the games freely available to play on the website for as long as they're still being used.  The 'norm' for funding free content sites is to sell advertising, however I'm not really comfortable with running adverts on a site aimed at children so I pay for the site completely out of my own pocket.  If you'd like to chip in, then please consider purchasing a digital download of the games here.  It's pay-what-you-like, and you don't have to pay anything at all.

I've really enjoyed the feedback I've received over the years from parents, teachers and carers!  It's incredibly rewarding to hear how well your children have responded to the games.

So ... end of an era!  If you have any questions, or if you've purchased a downloadable pack in the past and need a reminder of your download link, please get in touch (