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Welcome to Special Needs Software!

My son F is autistic and severely learning disabled. In 2010 I created a number of simple interactive ‘games’ to encourage F (then 3 years old) to interact with a touchscreen.

F responded really well to the games, so I have shared them online in case they are useful for anyone else.

The original games were made in Flash which is no longer supported on modern browsers. I am gradually re-making the games for modern browsers and hope to have separate versions for desktops and laptops too.

The new modern browser versions are here:

The original Flash versions of the games are here:

You can also download an early access Windows desktop release here:

Please note that the new browser versions and the Windows release are still works-in-progress and will be updated regularly. You can follow along with my progress here:

Some of the games that have been re-created so far:

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