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Hiring People With AutismIn the UK there are more than 700,000 individuals living with autism, however, less than 15% of these people are in full-time employment. This is a dispiriting figure when you consider the many skills and talents people with autism have, skills which are highly beneficial in the workplace.

Autism Spectrum Disorder is not a disease or illness and it cannot be cured - the unique elements of autism are an integral part of the person’s make-up. As it is defined across a spectrum, people with autism will all experience it in a unique way, however, it usually has some effect on how individuals communicate and interact with others. As well, it is also important to remember that autism is not a visible disability.


I've been contacted today by Magdalena Nowak, an MSc Augmentative and Alternative Communication student at the University of Dundee, Scotland.

As part of her Master's Thesis, Magdalena is investigating the experiences and attitudes of parents of children with significant communication problems who may or may not use an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device.

If you'd like to take part in the study (which involves an online survey), please visit the website at http://www.aacstudy2016.uk
For further information, you can also contact Magdalena directly (m.m.nowak@dundee.ac.uk) or her supervisor (a.z.robertson@dundee.ac.uk; 01382 385020).


Last night I packaged up and posted the very last 20 Game Mega Pack DVD-ROM!  Since creating the first game back in 2010, technology has changed so much - touch screen technology is now much more common & affordable (both in desktop/laptop computers and in tablets such as iPads and Android devices) and with that has come a greater amount of software and games that are appropriate for those with special educational needs.

Add to that the fact that Adobe Flash (the technology I used to create the games) is being phased out by most browsers, and the fact that many computers aren't built with DVD drives anymore, it seems the time has definitely come to wind down the game packs!


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Summary: Touch or click the screen or press any key to gradually inflate the balloon. Careful though - if you over-inflate it, it might go POP!

  • Use touchscreen, mouse or keyboard

Click to play the game in a new window.

Fancy some beachball keepy uppy?

This browser-based game will run on most modern browsers (latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE10+) and may even run on your mobile device, although the background music & sound effects may be patchy on mobiles.

How to play: Simply click or tap on the beachball to keep it in the air.  How long can you keep it up for?!

This can be used as a fun way to improve mouse skills, reaction times and accuracy.

  • Use touchscreen or mouse



Drag & Drop Fun Screenshot
Drag & Drop Fun Screenshot

UPDATE: You can now download Drag & Drop Game for Windows and Mac:

Windows version here (23MB zip file)

Mac version here (2.4MB zip file)

  • Use touchscreen or mouse

The aim is to drag the button(s) onto the target.  Once all the on-screen buttons have been moved onto the target, there is a brief visual reward and accompanying music.

The game is an HTML5 game (rather than a Flash-based game like the others) so you will need to use a modern browser such as a recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 10+ to play.


Summary: How many bugs can you zap? There are three speed modes and different play modes - see how many you can catch in 10, 30 or 60 seconds ... or choose freeplay for unlimited bug zapping fun!

  • Use touchscreen or mouse

Summary: In this game, there are 6 eggs on the screen which will each crack and hatch at random intervals. Whack (using mouse or touch screen) the egg when it hatches! Fun sound effects and a good opportunity to practice timing and accuracy.

  • Use touchscreen or mouse