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  1. Hi,

    I am based in birmingham and work with children with server learmning difficulties IT really motovate our children and i want to learn how to create simple cause and effects games that will help them learn and have fun do yo have any suggestion and anyone who could possibly help me?

    Thank you

  2. Hi Shafia

    Thanks for your comment!

    I recently came across Scratch ( which is a free program for creating interactive stories, games etc. – it might be of interest?

    Of course you’d also be welcome to use any of my games, if they are suitable! And please do feel free to email me if I can be of further assistance (

    Best wishes,

  3. Hello,

    I am researching into technology available for children with difficulties and came across your website.

    I just wanted to say, it is a great website with great games, and it is very inspirational what you have done for your son!

    Keep it up!



  4. Thanks, Jessica! Good luck with your research!

  5. Thank you!

  6. Just came across your website, it has some great games that I’m going to use with my 6-7 year children with autism and SLD. I’m trying to encourage them to engage with the touchscreen monitor and I think these games will be great. I’ll let you know how I get on, they’re a contrary bunch! Regards Jeanette

  7. Thanks Jeanette – hope you & your kids enjoy the games and I’d love to hear how you get on!


  8. Hi Carol,
    I was foiled by the local council who wouldn’t allow online access to the page! They seem very sensitive about websites that sell games… can I download the games at home and save them on a USB stick to run on a Mac mini at school? Any other way I can get round it? I’m happy to buy the downloads but not sure if I can download them on my PC then use them on the Macs at school. Very disappointed – my kids would love the bubble games especially.

  9. Hi Jeanette!

    Oh dear – councils do often have quite tight security policies, but very interesting to know that I’ve been blacklisted 😉

    There should be no problem re transferring them onto USB stick when downloaded (they’ll work fine on PC and Macs). Let me know if you have any problems though and I’ll do what I can to help.


  10. Ive sent a question through the contact page but thought i may aswell ask here too. I have a receipt for when i purchased the digital pack, but this was last year and i cant for the life of me, remember my login info. Is there anything you can do to help :)?

    Awesome site! and excellent collection by the way

  11. Hi Danny!
    Thanks for your message. I’ve replied direct to your email address with a new download link. Please let me know if you have any issues or if the email doesn’t arrive!

    Thanks again for your support!

  12. Good afternoon. Please tell me – you can get your games in Russian? I’m talking about a mega game pack

  13. Hi Sergey

    I’m afraid that all the games are in English (British) language. If I was familiar with the Russian language, I’d cheerfully do a translated version …. but unfortunately I’m not!


  14. Hi
    My wife ( has just bought and downloaded your “pack” of games. However, i have just spotted that these games are for PC’s and not compatible with my son’s android based tablet. Can we have the apps for the games, as a download?.
    Many thanks
    Dug Devine

    1. HI there

      I’m afraid that I don’t offer a game pack specifically for Android (although a few games are available as apps through Google Play) – just the PC/ Mac version you see on the website at the moment.

      However, if your Android device supports Flash (you can check that by trying to play any of the games on the website) then you will be able to transfer your downloaded game pack files to your Android device through your USB cable or SD card. The file are just html and swf (Flash) so they will open in your Android’s default web browser (though you don’t need to be online).

      Please drop me an email to if you want to chat further about this!


  15. Hello to you Carol, Just found your site after searching for an old floppy disc game my handicapped daughter Amy used to play with on her old computer set up until about a year ago. Her old keyboard gave up after many years of wonderful service, the guy who used to fix it for has gone away so I am unable to get the old floppy disc and get it transferred to a cd/dvd to play on her new touch screen computer I bought her. The game was called memory doors/ open doors or something like that, the screen had nine coloured doors, you touched one and the door opened and if the eggheaded/humpty dumpty man(only way I can remember to describe him, sorry!) it made a sad da da da sort of noise and the door closed. If Amy touched the right door , it opened the man jumped up and down and made lots of loud music!!! I love my daughter to bits, and feel really guilty that I am unable to put all that wonderful fun she had playing on it for several years!!! I know its a tall order, your game here called memory doors reminded me of it. If you can help both my daughter Amy and myself I would be just so grateful. Yours sincerely, Paul. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Paul

      I’ve replied direct to your email address – please let me know if you don’t receive my message.


  16. The games are kids-friendly – my kids enjoy it. Sure, I support the site. I will take an order soon.

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